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Your CV is the first impression, make it count

In the competitive landscape of job hunting, your CV serves as your personal marketing tool. Writing a CV that makes you stand out is of the utmost importance.

Our team of industry specialists at Recruitment Bunker share their tips on how to create a CV that gains attention and prompts that first contact call, to set you on your journey to the career you’ve always wanted. 

Tailor Your CV to the Job Description 

Our Recruitment Consultants unanimously agree that tailoring your CV to match the specific job description is crucial. Highlight relevant skills and experiences that directly align with the requirements of the position. Use keywords from the job listing to ensure your CV passes through applicant tracking systems and lands in the hands of recruiters. 

 Showcase Achievements, Not Just Responsibilities 

Show our recruiters your achievements and job responsibilities. Quantify your successes and highlight tangible results. Whether it’s exceeding sales targets, streamlining processes, or leading successful projects, showcasing accomplishments adds depth to your profile and captures our Recruiter’s and an employer’s attention. 

 Develop a Compelling Personal Statement

Your personal statement is the first impression our recruiters get of you, so make it count. Write a concise and compelling summary that encapsulates your career goals, key skills and what sets you apart. Keep it tailored to the specific role you’re applying for to demonstrate your understanding of the company’s needs. 

Formatting and Clarity 

Use a clean and professional format with clear headings and bullet points to organise information. Choose a legible font and maintain consistency in formatting throughout. A well organised CV not only showcases your professionalism but also makes it easier for recruiters to find the information they need. 

Highlight Soft Skills and Cultural Fit 

In addition to technical skills, our Recruiters are looking at soft skills and cultural fit. Showcase your interpersonal skills, adaptability and teamwork abilities. Demonstrate how your personality aligns with the company culture, placing you as a valuable addition to their team.

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